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White: Zandor    Black: Faith Magor
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On 2007-06-27 at 17:45, Alan Hensel (info) said:
Oh! Zandor zoned out on move 17. He should have played 17.s17**. Then if 18.q19* then 19.s21. Is there any other way for Black to win? There's still some space across the top, but it looks good for Zandor. Not entirely clear, though. Maybe 17.s17 18.q7 19.s9 20.r5 21.n9 22.q10 23.q8 24.p9 25.p10 26.m7 27.m6 28.n5 29.l8 30.l6 31.k6.

On 2007-06-30 at 22:00, Alan Hensel (info) said:
Earlier in the game, Faith and Zandor exchanged nonsense moves. It looks like they both forgot which direction they were going. At move 6, 6.i14 would have made sense if Black were going vertically, and the reply 7.i19 would have made sense if White were going horizontally. Faith was just lucky that Zandor temporarily shared the illusion for a moment. A reply like 7.m15 would have been much better for Zandor.

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