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White: maraca    Black: Alan Hensel (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2007-07-12 at 18:50, Alan Hensel (info) said:
This is in my memory as one of my swiftest losses, ever. Maraca didn't even have to place a link.

I think my big mistake was 6.m8. I misjudged my ability to connect my j16 peg to either n10 or the right side. A better answer might have been 6.i8 or 6.i10. The n10 peg still has a hard time connecting to the right side, though.

His 11.P17 was not obvious to me, but after he played it, I couldn't find any move that didn't have an obvious winning reply. For example:

1. 12.n17 13.n16 14.resign
2. 12.m13 13.j14 14.n19 15.i18 16.k18 17.i16 18.g19 19.g17 20.i19 21.g21 22.resign
3. 12.n19 13.r18 14.m13 15.j14 16.n15 17.i18 ...
4. 12.q16 13.q15 14.n19 15.r17 16.m13 17.j14 ...
5. 12.n15 13.n14 14.q16 15.l19 16.k16 17.n18 18.l14 19.l13 20.resign
6. 12.k14 13.k13 14.n15 15.n14 16.q16 17.l19 18.resign

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