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White: technolion    Black: ab
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On 2007-07-14 at 21:59, ab (info) said:
My game against technolion:

12.i6 was bad, as can be seen in the next move,
maybe e.g. 12.i9 would have been better ?!

continuation: 12.i9 13.o9 14.q18 ...

On 2007-07-18 at 21:05, Alan Hensel (info) said:
Well, 12.i6 might have been a mistake, but ab's suggestions still don't look winning:

|12.i9 13.o9 14.q18, then 15.n11, and then I don't see a winning line across the bottom. You could go one further downstream from m9: |12.i9 13.o9 14.r20, and that looks like a potential winner across the bottom: 15.n11 16.l19. The only problem with that is that technolion's smart enough not to play 15.n11. He would probably play something like 15.p16, which is both an effective downstream peg for the 16.o10 17.p11 ladder, and creates enough strength across the bottom.

So let's look at the slow meltdown that led to this. First, 4.j16 is a 1-5 gap from i11, and you have to be careful about the 1-5 defense because the 2-5 and 4-5 gaps, as counter-defenses, are so strong. Technolion went ahead and took advantage of this. The distance between the white pegs as of |5.g16 is 2-5. Ab can still get past this peg with the typical 0-3 counter-defense, |6.h17, but at the expense of committing himself to a line thru j16, which is a deal that technolion is more than willing to take. It's a long way to the right side.

Maybe |6.i18 would have been better. This would force a response like 7.f18, and maybe you could even push it a little: 8.f21 9.e20 10.h20 11.f22, for example. Then you have made it harder for technolion to go up the right side of the board—effectively, using the same strategy he used against you: commit him to a line, and then cut it off. Next move: maybe 12.i9 or 12.j7. Technolion still might have the upper hand, but it looks, to me, like a much closer contest than what actually happened.

Disclaimer: with such early moves, and so much empty space, it's hard to be absolutely sure of any of this.

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