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White: Steven    Black: David J Bush
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On 2024-06-14 at 07:34, Peyrol (info) said:
Instead of M13, the bot suggests |8.p7 9.t7 10.l19 11.j16 12.m21 13.f14 14.h15 15.q19 16.q17 17.s18 18.s16 19.u17 20.u15 21.u13 22.w16 23.u9 24.m12 25.k12 26.k7 27.n14 28.o12 29.h8 30.i8
Please ask questions.

On 2024-06-15 at 00:54, steven (info) said:
I understand the bot thinks t7 is the play for white, but I think the strength of g10 can be leveraged with 8.p7 9.n10. Now it seems black must do something about the p7 left hanging. This should allow white to strengthen the top with something along the lines of 8.p7 9.n10 10.l10 11.m12 12.i11 13.p5 or 8.p7 9.n10 10.o5 11.i11 12.h6 13.j6 14.j7 15.l7. I did not try everything possible, but it looks like a better option than 9.t7.

On 2024-06-15 at 12:58, Peyrol (info) said:
After |8.p7 9.n10 the bot plays 10.k12 and provides the line 11.e11 (G14 was also considered) 12.e13 13.i11 (E15 was also considered) 14.i13 15.e15 16.c14 17.r14 18.o12 19.n14 20.o5 21.l6 (threatening P8) 22.j5 23.j7 24.m4 25.i5 26.h4 27.g4 28.e5 29.f2 30.n6 31.l9 32.k9 33.j10 34.i10 35.h11 36.g9

On 2024-06-15 at 19:41, Peyrol (info) said:
A variation of this is |8.p7 9.n10 10.k12 11.e11 12.e13 13.i11 14.i13 15.e15 16.c14 17.r14 18.o12 19.n14 20.o5 21.l9 22.k9 23.j10 24.i10 25.k10 26.g5 27.p8 28.q9 29.l6 30.n7 (not N6) 31.h8 32.i5 33.j7 34.l2 35.l4 36.k4 and this is why not N6.

On 2024-06-15 at 21:22, steven (info) said:
This goes to show that I don't think like the bot. :D
|8.p7 9.n10 10.k12 11.l11 and then |12.l10 13.p5 14.m13 15.p13 or 12.o5 13.k9 seems less complicated to me.

On 2024-06-15 at 22:59, Peyrol (info) said:
The vertical bar means this is the first move of a variation from the game. If you add the bar to the middle of a variation, when you click on the moves you get the wrong position. Usually just one vertical bar at the first move of your comment is all you need, unless of course you want to discuss more than one variation from the game. If you click the Preview button and then click on the last move of each variation you produce, you can verify that you are creating the variations correctly before you click the Comment button.

|8.p7 9.n10 10.k12 11.l11 12.m13 13.p13 14.o12 15.r12 16.p14 looks crushing for Black. The bot suggests 13.h13 but it doesn't work after 14.i13 15.f12 16.g14 17.e14 18.e15,

BTW my second comment was my own analysis, not the bot's, and it is flawed. After 11.e11 12.e13 13.i11 14.i13 15.e15 16.c14 17.r14 18.o12 19.n14 20.o5 21.l9 22.k9 23.j10 24.i10 25.k10 26.g5 27.p8 28.q9 29.l6 30.n7 white wins with 31.m6, But 28.p3 29.l6 30.n7 31.m6 32.l8 33.h8 34.j4 looks good for black.

On 2024-06-16 at 04:50, steven (info) said:
We can analyze endlessly on this one. It was a fun game for me with potential for both of us. Thank you for your analysis A pleasure as usual, David. Also, thanks for the info about the vertical bar.

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