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White: David J Bush    Black: hinode
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On 2023-07-13 at 23:19, Peyrol (info) said:
My last move could have been better, but I think I was losing anyway.
For example |33.g15 34.f15 35.e14 36.k17 37.f16 38.g20 39.i18 40.h18
or 39.h17 40.i19 41.j18 42.k18
or |33.d16 34.g14 35.g13 36.f12
or |33.f16 34.g14 35.f14 36.d16 37.h17 38.i18 39.d15 40.g19 41.d19 42.c19

Going back earlier, |27.j15 28.k14 29.h14 30.j16 31.g18 32.h17 or 27.n14 28.k9 29.l13 30.i10 31.h10 32.i14

Going back to the opening, the bot recommends I should have played |9.j8 instead of J9. That would have coordinated better with white's threat to play at O6.

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