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White: shyryan    Black: David J Bush
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On 2023-03-31 at 15:36, Peyrol (info) said:
Black does have a win but needs to be careful. For example after |27.s14 28.q15 looks like the only move for black. Then after 29.n14 30.q10 31.q9 32.r12 33.t12 34.r13 35.o16 black would lose after 36.g14 37.s16. Instead, 36.p21 37.d14 38.g20 39.n18 40.k21 41.l19 42.m22 43.c19 44.b19 45.i22 46.h22

I believe white could have won with |21.r8 for example 22.q6 23.n8 or 22.q5 23.p7 24.o4 25.k7 26.l8 27.n6 28.l5 29.m6 30.m5 31.n8 32.j4 33.g7

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