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White: tasuki    Black: shyryan
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On 2021-05-07 at 07:28, tasuki (info) said:
What a blunder! This move removed a lot of possibilities... 7.t18 would definitely be better.

On 2021-05-07 at 07:29, tasuki (info) said:
I don't know... is this necessary to connect to the right side? j5 was definitely useful for white :)

On 2021-05-07 at 08:08, tasuki (info) said:
Ah yes, I forget the comments aren't recorded per move (actually it's better the way it is than the way I thought it would be!), the first comment was for 7.t17 and the second comment was for 28.j2 :)

I don't know, first 34.n7 35.j5 36.i5 37.r4 38.l8 ... looks dire for white 39.l11 40.m12 41.k9 42.k11 looks like an easy black win.

|36.i5 is the final losing move... 36.n7 37.h4 instead would be better: now k10 can connect to the right through the top or bottom, giving black more possibilities on the left side. 38.h12 doesn't seem to work, I wonder if there's something better?

|38.k12 - with 37.k7 in place, black has to be mindful of the l12 threat and has to go as slow as 38.k12

On 2021-05-11 at 05:03, Peyrol (info) said:
|24.h12 looks much better for black. It turns the threat of D7 into a real threat. For example 25.i9 26.j11 or 25.l12 26.m8 27.k10 28.d7 29.g8 30.h8 31.i9 32.e5 33.n11 34.r5 or 25.j11 26.d7 27.g8 28.h8 29.f5 30.i10 31.m7 32.j9 Not trying to sound condescending, but big eyes are an asset. Look for ways to use the opportunities the entire board gives you.

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