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White: David J Bush    Black: shyryan
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On 2021-02-22 at 04:22, shyryan (info) said:
|24.f18 25.e17 26.e16 27.d15 and then 28.j16 29.k16 30.h17 31.i15 or 28.i16 29.j19 30.k20 31.l20 32.l22 33.h15 or 28.i18 29.j19 similar. Nothing works that I saw.

Maybe |10.m16 is better. 11.r17 12.q15 13.q14 14.p13 15.r16 16.o11 17.p15 18.r10 19.s10 20.p11 for example.

On 2021-02-22 at 15:26, Peyrol (info) said:
Yes |24.f18 25.e17 probably works for white. I was going to play 25.d15 on the general principle to keep my gaps separated as much as possible, and I have the J19 trick as you pointed out.

After |10.m16 11.r17 one thing black might consider is how to use the top half of the board to connect to the right. There's a lot of empty space up there. O10 looks like a possible pivot point. Maybe R13 could be part of a pincer attack. After 12.q15 I probably would have played 13.s14 then 14.t14 15.r16 16.r13 17.p15 18.o10 19.o12 20.p8 21.n10 22.n7 23.l9 24.k7 25.t8 26.s4 27.o4 white threatens R7 or J8 28.o5 29.t6 but maybe black had another way.

In your line 11.r17 12.q15 13.q14 would be a big mistake. 14.p13 15.r16 16.r14 17.p15 18.n12 black is crushing.

Maybe |8.g8 would have been better because
* It seems good enough to block white on the left
* It reduces the effectiveness of D6 and
* It helps black on the right a little bit more.

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