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White: shyryan    Black: David J Bush (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2021-02-11 at 15:40, shyryan (info) said:
9.t15 was easily attacked — I don't think I had really paid attention until this game about the potential weak points of that 2,5 shape. This made it super clear. Not sure of a better way to start poking holes in the big beautiful L that black had in the middle.

I don't really think things were going to go well for me after 1.f8 2.swap, but I'm sure there was a better way to play afterward. Maybe 5.r10 and 7.12 were too timid — overly focused on spreading out without putting black's path across the middle under any pressure.

On 2021-02-11 at 15:54, shyryan (info) said:
Commentary welcome.

On 2021-02-13 at 21:20, Peyrol (info) said:
I don't really know the opening as well as I'm about to pretend.

The problem with R10 IMO is that my N12 peg is too high up the board. If we had played |3.n14 4.n16 then 5.r14 would have been more effective. My personal preference as white would have been to block N12 more directly, for example |5.r12 or near there, or maybe in the center with |5.k12 followed by R12 later, but I would have to study the tactics a lot more than I am doing now.

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