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White: MisterCat    Black: Mirko Rahn
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On 2021-01-12 at 16:03, MisterCat (info) said:
9. j12 was bad, since it was easily busted by your 10. j9 . But when I played 15. t13 , I thought I had good chances to block you on the right - since my peg at t13 is supported by the pegs at q10 and also at p16.
After my 21. v14 I was feeling pretty good, and just as I had blocked you above, I did not think that your 22. s16 was impossible to block. I had three candidate moves: a)

On 2021-01-12 at 16:13, MisterCat (info) said:
a) 23. s15 , b) 23. t15 , and 23. r17 . After days of thought and indecision, I picked 23. t15. This was blindness, and just as bad as my 9th move, since your reply of 24. r18 was not hard to find and completely busts me in that area. The game was over now, and my waste of time 25. j11 was some sort of illusion, thinking that I had a good threat with m8, but 27. m8 fails to 28. l10.
So my question is regarding the situation on the right - would either of my candidate moves s15 or r17 have worked out as an effective block or - was there another effective block that I missed or - is the position after 14.p13 already lost, since black can not be stopped on the right?

On 2021-01-14 at 09:51, Mirko Rahn (info) said:
Hi Mister Cat!

I think 23.r17 24.r14 25.t16 26.w14 looks good for Black, too. 23.s15 24.r18 25.r17 26.p19 27.m19 28.n20 29.l17 looks good for White. I would probably have tried 23.s15 24.q15 25.t17 26.s21 but was in fear of 27.r19.

On 2021-01-15 at 01:58, MisterCat (info) said:
Thanks Mirko, for useful and instructive comments! (meow)

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