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White: brzy    Black: shyryan
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On 2020-10-30 at 13:56, shyryan (info) said:
brzy had this game locked up at one point, I think.

|20.n6 21.m7 22.p5 were moves of desperation. I was hoping (unscrupulously) that white would play 23.l5 so that 24.p10 would work.

If I tried earlier with |20.p10 it falls to 21.q11 22.n9 23.p9.

In the actual game, if |25.q11 26.n9 27.p9 then 28.o7 makes p5 come back into play.

I think |23.q5 seals victory for white, unless there's a way for black to break through at the bottom that I couldn't find.

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