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White: shyryan    Black: Akiva Saunders (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2020-11-28 at 18:39, shyryan (info) said:
Super dynamic and exciting game, thank you to Akiva Saunders.

Like Peyrol has advised a few times, I played 19.u18 as a forcing move before going left to 21.o19, and it ended up helping a lot in the endgame.

During the game, my opponent said they wished they'd played |26.e13. It does look like that would have helped along the left side; best I currently see is 27.f12 28.c14 which looks very complicated but seems to favor black — but 32.e19 shut me down nicely all the same.

At 37.o15 I was sure I'd be able to connect that peg to either the center group or the left group, for example:
|38.l13 39.m16 40.j14 41.h17 42.i19 43.j16
or |38.m14 39.n14 40.k15 41.j16 42.i14 43.h17.
38.m15 caught me totally off guard and I switched to the right in a panic.

I won the right side, which makes it seem like maybe black needed to play something in the upper right at 36 instead, but then my plan to connect the lower right to the left or center seems easier, like:
|36.q7 37.h17 38.i19 39.o13 40.l12 41.n14.

So maybe the right side was already good for white earlier, like at 21.o9. I'm not sure.

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