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White: Flemming Jensen    Black: bob440
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On 2020-09-23 at 21:41, bob440 (info) said:
On resigning, Flemming commented:

|33.p14 was a complete blunder and of course a mistake. I mean, I had the game at that position:-)

I want to explore whether that's an accurate assessment. I thought the game was still competitive at that point.

On 2020-09-23 at 22:04, Alan Hensel (info) said:
How about |33.n17?

On 2020-09-23 at 22:06, bob440 (info) said:
I think black wins after |33.n17 34.n20 35.p18 36.q23 -- that looks to me like the best try for white (hmm -- so far -- I'll keep looking)

On 2020-09-23 at 22:56, bob440 (info) said:
nope, white wins after |33.n17 34.n20 35.p18 36.q23 37.s21 38.t20 39.t19 40.s22

On 2020-09-24 at 00:57, MisterCat (info) said:
|33.n17 34.n20 35.p18 36.q23 37.s21 38.t20
39.u20 40.r21 41.s19 42.t22 43.v22 44.v23 45.w24


On 2020-09-24 at 02:37, bob440 (info) said:
I don't get it -- white still wins -- what are you showing me?

On 2020-09-24 at 03:27, MisterCat (info) said:
actually, just responding to the line posted; not specifically showing YOU anything, but
33.n17 34.n20 35.p18 36.q23 37.s21 38.t20 39.t19 40.s22
ends with a move for black, and I thought (incorrectly) that you were demonstrating a win for black, but accidentally referred to white; therefore, I offered an improvement on move 39 to demonstrate a complete win for black (39. u20 instead of 39. t19). I guess at issue then is whether, after 33. n17 , there exists a way for black to win, but admittedly this does not look good.
I restate what I said months ago, in my opinion and analysis, these games are games between humans, who do not always play 'perfect' moves. The fact that white missed an improvement does not change the result, and I don't really see a point in beating the issue to death. Black won. Next game. I would not wish to spoil the 'fun' however, of post game analysis, if that's what you all enjoy; maybe there is something to learn, but the next game will be a different game, with BRAND NEW MISTAKES to be made. A famous Chess player remarked that the winner of the game is the player who makes the 2nd-to-last mistake. That's how I see it. mc.

On 2020-09-24 at 22:41, Alan Hensel (info) said:
Ok, I'll take your |33.n17 34.n20 35.p18 36.q23 line - and then go the other way: 37.l18 and now you can leave a gap and get this: 38.i22 39.n22 or not and get chased down 38.k19 39.j19 or 38.l21 39.i21 40.j22 41.h19. There's a gap that breaks the n22 peg - 38.k22 - but it doesn't work either, after 39.k20.

If that works, I still didn't prove that |33.n17 works, but that is still my hypothesis.

On 2020-09-25 at 18:38, Peyrol (info) said:
Maybe black should have played |30.j19 for example 31.e17 32.d17

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