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White: andyo    Black: Steven
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On 2020-10-03 at 00:04, honest1abe (info) said:
1.f21 2.swap 3.q14 4.p10 5.l10 6.l8 7.l6 at this point I had made a mistake and the play to K-10 or M-10 will trap white so I could not play either move so I went the other way. When you went to 11. J-14 that gave me the chance to extend down to the bottom with a chance to go under your Q-14 peg on the right. 16 J-17 makes you play M-8 and you could not stop me to the left. I again made a mistake with N-14 and should have played P-18. You played correctly at T18 and should have played S-20. If I played O-20 you play T-22. I must play S-15 and then I can't stop P-16

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