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White: bob440    Black: BetsyBoop
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On 2020-07-16 at 11:55, bob440 (info) said:
Setting up the corner battle from ...

2.n16 3.q12 4.o18 5.s17 6.s21

Near the end, David shows another variant beginning with 7.q18, He is less certain about this line and the best he could come up with is 8.q21, followed by 9.o19 10.n21 11.l21 12.n20

But why doesn't 8.q19 work? I can find nothing for white after that. What am I missing?

9.t20 10.s20
9.s22 10.s20 11.t20 12.u19
9.u21 10.u20
9.r20 10.q20
9.u20 10.u22

On 2020-07-16 at 14:22, shyryan (info) said:
2.n16 3.q12 4.o18 5.s17 6.s21 7.q18 8.q19

did you look at 9.s20 ?

On 2020-07-16 at 16:16, shyryan (info) said:
well earlier I thought it would work but now I think 10.t19 gets by. not sure how I missed that. never mind.

On 2020-07-16 at 22:20, Alan Hensel (info) said:
I'm deeply skeptical about that q21 move.
|2.n16 3.q12 4.o18 5.s17 6.s21 7.q18 and 8.q21, and then what about 9.q22 10.p23 11.r20 12.r22 13.t21 14.u22 15.t23 ?

On 2020-07-17 at 09:43, Peyrol (info) said:
Without looking at the article, yes Alan and bob440 are both correct and I am wrong.

I recommend to everyone to follow Alan's example, and use a vertical bar at the start of variations in every comment. Repeat the entire variation from the game continuation, in this case bob440 versus BetsyBoop. Your comment should work regardless of what other variation a reader was looking at previously in some other comment.

On 2020-07-20 at 00:43, MisterCat (info) said:
Gee, I was not clear about the vertical bar meaning, even after reading Alan's FAQ, so I did the following experiment. Maybe I did not HAVE TO post this - if everyone else was perfectly clear on it, but if it helps out, then good.

First, post a variation from the text above - say, Alan's variation 2 posts up (click on move 15).

Try clicking at the end of my variation with NO vertical bar, and then try clicking on the variation WITH the bar - IT WIPES AWAY ALL POSTED VARIATIONS, and only uses the original game moves at the top, plus your new variation.

Now, if I could only LOCATE THE DAMN VERTICAL BAR on my keyboard, I'd be a happy cat! (meow)

comment without bar:
16. w23 17. s22 18. s23 19. r24

comment with bar:
| 16. w23 17. s22 18. s23 19. r24

On 2020-07-20 at 00:45, MisterCat (info) said:
don't answer that; I googled it:

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