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White: David J Bush    Black: Steven (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2019-10-06 at 19:08, twixter (info) said:
Imo the position was still complicated at the point of resignation.
There are two main branches.
|24.i19 25.d19 26.e17 27.i21 28.k18 29.g18 30.g20 31.f20 wins on the left.

|24.k19 25.l20 26.l21 27.h18 28.i22 29.u19 30.t17 31.v17 32.u15 33.q18 34.s19 35.m23 requires threats on the right. For example 29.d19 30.l11 31.n10 32.e17 33.c17 34.f19 35.d15 36.f15 37.e13 38.g13 39.f11 40.k9 41.h8 42.h7

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