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On 2023-04-30 at 15:43, Peyrol (info) said:
This is a handicap game I played against the bot. I posted a session report on BoardGameGeek

|1.p11 2.p7 3.r7 4.q9 5.r12 6.o5 7.f8 8.f4 9.j6 10.m11 11.i12 12.j8 13.h7 14.k6 15.d9 16.g11 17.e12 18.d12 19.f10 20.f13 21.h11 22.j4 23.d4 24.b4 25.f3 26.d5 27.g5 28.j14 29.h14 30.h19 31.t13 32.k16 33.m14 34.r19 35.n17 36.m17 37.p18 38.o16 39.r17 40.n19 41.o20 42.o21 43.p22 44.p23 45.q24 46.s15 47.s14 48.s17 49.q15 50.l13 51.t8 52.resign

In the report I looked at these variations.

If 34.l13 35.t8 36.r19 37.k19 threatening white N18 or G17

If 32.s5 33.l15 34.l13 35.g17 36.f18 37.i18 38.j18 39.k17 40.l17 41.n16 42.n18 43.t18

If 29.t13 30.k16

On 2023-04-30 at 15:50, Peyrol (info) said:
Just a reminder: when you post a comment you must include the entire move list in your comment up to the variation you want to discuss. This site does not remember what the moves are in a game which is entered in the first comment manually from move 1.

On 2023-05-01 at 07:33, Peyrol (info) said:
BTW on the main page, why is CosimoC listed as the loser when Lindsayvoigt forfeited on the first move?

On 2023-05-15 at 06:48, Cosimo Cardellicchio (info) said:
If white takes 1.p11, and it cannot be swapped, I wonder why Twixtbot do not try something at the bottom of the board, such as the symmetric 2.p15. There's more room going downward.
After 1.p11 2.p7 3.r7 4.q9 5.r12 6.o5 7.f8 8.f4 9.j6 10. m11 is obscure to me. I believe that the situation was compromised in the upper part of the board, due to the huge advantage of the unswapped 1.p11.
However, before giving up there, I would have tried something such as 10.j8, that is a bridge at 4:4 with f4 and 6:1 with p7, that is a part of the strong three pegs barrier.
Perhaps, it could work...

On 2023-05-15 at 06:57, Cosimo Cardellicchio (info) said:
I wrote better. 1.p11 2.p7 3.r7 4.q9 5.r12 6.o5 7.f8 8.f4 9.j6 10.j8

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