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White: James K Wright    Black: encio (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2020-12-25 at 00:03, Peyrol (info) said:
Here is a game I recently played as black against Christian0 on Game Center. His handle is kriz there. The game will disappear from that site in a few days.

|1.c12 2.i18 3.q15 4.p10 5.n10 6.n11 7.k13 8.n16 9.l16 10.m18 11.g18 12.l10 13.h10 14.g17 15.f16 16.f15 17.d15 18.f7 19.g8 20.g3 21.k7 22.e11 23.g12 24.d14 25.c13 26.f13 27.d9 28.c10 29.b10 30.e9 31.c7 32.e5 white resigned.

White could have won with 23.f11.

I encountered this same edge defense in a recent analysis of another C12 game 2198534 against shyryan. But I didn't recognize the similarity until I was already losing. This marks my second lucky escape.

Maybe instead if 12.l10 I should have tried. 12.e8 threatening black G17. For example 13.e11 14.g9 15.l11 16.g17 17.f16 18.f15 19.d15 20.g13 or 13.g12 14.f10 15.e13 16.k7 17.m8 18.l10 19.i10 20.j9 21.h8 22.h11 23.h12 24.g17 25.f16 26.f15 27.d15 28.g13

After 12.l10 13.h10 it looks gloomy for black. White is too strong on the left.

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