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White: Alan Hensel    Black: TwixtBot
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On 2019-12-28 at 00:13, twixter (info) said:
Woah. This was February, and I never noticed until now? Congratulations to Alan! This is also a good puzzle. Why did TB resign? For example |32.s10 33.s13 34.q15 35.t15 36.r17 37.u17 38.u20 39.v19 40.t22 what did I miss?

On 2019-12-28 at 18:19, Alan Hensel (info) said:
Thanks. In my opinion it was the most significant game of Feb 3, 2019, but it was overshadowed by some boring, over-hyped game called the "Superbowl" :-/

I remember being startled by the resignation. I had stumbled into a position where I needed to win 2 corner battles - both the upper right and the lower right - so I was just focusing all my brainpower on the active corner. I was just assuming I was winning the upper right because TwixtBot had me beat in the lower right. And then, suddenly, it was over!

TwixtBot traces all the way to the endgame every time, so in theory it is at a computational disadvantage every time its opponent can just focus on a local battle.

Maybe TwixtBot should have persisted, because you're right, this endgame is not obvious.

How about |32.s10 33.s13 34.q15 35.s16 - which resembles the puzzle 12 pattern, but isn't really: 36.s18 37.r16 38.s14 39.t15? Does that work?

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