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White: jazzy1    Black: James K Wright (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2020-11-26 at 22:49, Peyrol (info) said:
This is the Little Golem Twixt analysis website. Completed games from the Little Golem server are discussed here. Sometimes we also use this site to discuss games that were played elsewhere. In order to do that, first we find an LG game with no moves and no comment, then we use the comment feature to play out and discuss this other game. I found the following game on Twitter, from the Japan Twixt Association.

I will invite members of the JTA to view this page and, hopefully, join in the discussion here. That is why I am providing some basic information in this comment.

I don't know who the players were or any other details, but the pegs are numbered, so I can create the game here. It is recommended that every subsequent comment should list the moves from the beginning of the game as I have done. You don't have to type any moves. Just make moves on the board and then copy and paste them into your comment. You can also copy and paste moves from this comment or any other comment. If you click on the Main Page link above, then click on FAQ at the bottom of that page, you will see more information about how to use this site.

|1.d22 2.l12 3.p12 4.o17 5.m15 6.p8 7.m9 8.n9 9.g10 10.h14 11.n11 12.l17 13.o16 14.l8 15.k8 16.j7 17.h7 18.k9 19.j11 20.i12 21.i9 22.n19 23.p18 24.q20 25.q21

Unfortunately, the next button will not work here, but you can click on the moves to see the position at any point.

I presume black resigned here, which was correct, but it is not very obvious how white should respond to 26.l11. One possible continuation is 27.k13 28.o21 29.r19 30.k14 31.j15 32.l16 33.i17 34.i21 35.h19 36.f20 37.i22 or 36.g20 37.f20 38.e21 39.e20 40.f19 41.f18

If black 18.i9 then white could win with 19.i11. 20.f6 does not work because of 21.f8 22.h6 23.f4. Or 20.j11 21.j13 22.k19 23.p18 24.k14 25.i15 26.j16 27.h17 28.g19 29.g18 30.f17 31.f16 32.h21 33.e18 34.d20 35.c19

Instead of H14, I believe black could have won with 10.h16. There are two main lines.

11.o14 12.m18 13.s17 14.r14 or
11.k16 12.h12 13.n11 14.l8 15.k8 16.j7 17.h7 18.i9

But white could have improved on G10. Instead, 9.i9 looks more effective. White threatens to win along the left side, so black must block on the left. But 10.h16 does not work after 11.k16 12.n13 13.j13 14.i13 15.h14 16.j11 17.g12 18.h10 19.g10 20.f11 21.e11 or 14.k13 15.k11 16.i14 17.l13 or 12.j13 13.n11 14.l8 15.k8 16.j7 17.h7

Instead of N9, Maybe black could have played 8.m18 and then one possible continuation is 9.i15 10.j7 and I don't know who has the advantage.

PLEASE post a comment if you have any question!

On 2020-11-26 at 23:18, Peyrol (info) said:
Here is a list of blank board games you could use if you want to discuss some other game on this site.

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On 2020-11-28 at 17:47, Peyrol (info) said:
I should mention that I am very impressed with the quality of play here. White made only one move I would call a mistake, and black only two.

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