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On 2019-07-30 at 21:13, BonyJordan (info) said:
1.i19 2.n7 3.q13 4.m14 5.g9 6.g6 7.d6 8.e5 9.d11 10.f13 11.e4 12.f3 13.f2 14.d7 15.k14 16.m5 17.k6 18.i10 19.j12 20.l16 21.h11 22.j15 23.f16 24.g15 25.c13 26.c9 27.s7 28.f17 29.r15 30.q10 31.p11 32.p8 33.v10 34.t11 35.c8 36.a10 37.u13 38.u14 39.e18 40.d12 41.m10 42.j6 43.v15 44.t12 45.t16 46.v13 47.q12 48.r12 49.s12 50.s10 51.i5 52.h5 53.i7 54.j4 55.l3 56.l5 57.w13 58.x12 59.g4 60.f4 61.e10 62.m3
after 6: -0.163
after 12: -0.380
after 18: -0.556
after 24: -0.599
after 30: -0.019
after 36: 0.425
after 42: 0.843
after 48: 0.978
after 54: 0.991
after 60: 0.996

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