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White: LilDavid0428    Black: swhedon
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On 2016-11-17 at 09:04, twixter (info) said:
I'm not sure, but swhedon may have thought this was a draw. Little Golem uses PP rules. PP stands for paper and pencil. Links are never removed, and your own links are allowed to cross. Crossed links are not inherently connected. To win, you must create a chain of pegs, each directly linked to the next, which connects your border rows. If it were white's move, white could connect his groups immediately with J18. If black tries to block white with |48.j17 then 49.j18 would still connect white's groups, creating a path which loops across itself. This is legal under PP rules. If instead black blocks with |48.j18 then 49.l15 threatens to connect L15 to K13 with a double link either at J14 or M13. Black cannot block both threats. For example 50.k15 51.m13 or 50.l13 51.j14

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