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On 2016-03-15 at 20:39, Loony (info) said:
I have doubts about |22.i12, just thought it's sufficient to reach the left and I found 24.f5 25.i7 26.h6 27.g6 28.e7 29.h9 30.j7 only after his |23.f10.

But |22.i8 23.e9 so what about |22.h9 23.j13 24.l10 25.o13 26.o7 ?
|22.h9 23.j13 24.l10 25.l12 26.n9 27.r9 28.r5 29.p8 30.m5

Playing |40.p10 I had 41.t11 42.o8 on my mind but it doesn't work because of 43.r7 44.n6 45.r3.
|41.t11 is indeed losing as shown in the game but there was also |41.u10: 42.o12 43.t17 44.t16 45.u15 46.u14 47.v13 48.v12 49.w11.
My plan was: |41.u10 42.o12 43.t17 44.t13 45.t14 46.u15 47.r11 48.t16 49.u16 50.v17 and |41.u10 42.o12 43.t17 44.t13 45.t12 46.r9 47.r7 48.v14.

So is |40.p10 really winning? I thought it could lose but I don't see a good white move there.

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