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White: iwin    Black: David J Bush (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2014-11-10 at 22:25, twixter (info) said:
My 14.P6 was the wrong idea. |14.q18 seems better.
|20.s14 21.r17 22.k6 23.r9 24.t6 looks better than P20.
|27.i8 would have been a faster win for white. For example 28.l7 29.m13 or 28.k6 29.h6 30.k14 31.o10 32.k10 33.n8. but white still wins after |27.J6.
33.H19 gave me the game back. This is at least the fourth recent game of mine where my opponent made an endgame mistake. |33.j19 was winning for white. For example 34.k21 35.l20 36.m22 37.n19 38.o17 39.o21

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