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White: David J Bush    Black: Maciej Celuch (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2014-08-28 at 15:45, twixter (info) said:
I used to think that PP rules always result in fewer complications, but this game proved me wrong.
Working backwards:
|34.g15 35.f14 36.f13 37.e12 38.h7 39.g13 40.h13 41.i12 which is why I played F10.
|24.f15 25.j17 looks essentially the same.
|24.f21 25.h20 26.j20 27.f19 28.f15 29.g14
|22.e13 23.g16 24.k9 25.h11 26.f7 27.e8 28.g5 29.d6 30.d2 31.f5
Maybe black had something better than 20.F11?
18.M17 took me by surprise. Usually, when one is surprised by Maciej, the game is over. So this game is remarkable for two reasons. Under standard rules, I would have had a much simpler win. And I'm not sure I still had a win at all under PP rules.
Maybe 8.N10 was a mistake? How about |8.j17 instead.
Please shoot holes in my analysis.

On 2014-08-28 at 16:34, nie_wiesz (info) said:
I must admit that i didn't play good this game. I didn't analyse much enough the beggining phase:

When I played 8.n10 i thought that way:
8.n10 9.h12 10.j18 11.f17 12.f21 -
my intuition said then that it's win for black, so i send the 8.n10 move. After David played 9.h12 (i knew it) I looked at 10.j18 once more and unfortunately I saw the stupidity of that try:
10.j18 11.f17 12.f21 13.f22 14.e19 15.h18 - white wins

So i had to find something different. I found the 10.i18 peg, this was my thoughts:
|11.m16 12.k17 13.k15 14.m18 which probably is good for black because of the big wall in the middle.
|11.k16 12.j16 13.l14 14.l17 much better for black that previous situation
|11.k17 12.l19 13.n18 14.m18 15.m20 16.l16 17.l15 18.m17 at this time i thought the worst scenario for me is a draw
|11.k17 12.l19 13.n18 14.m18 15.m20 16.l16 17.l15 18.m17 19.k19 20.j18 21.m16 22.m14 23.k18 the draw.

After 19.e17 i didn't pay much attention to this game. I was pretty sure that i can't loose this game. So i played quiclky my moves and didn't analyse much enough. 20.f11 was in my opinion necessary. 21.f10 surprised me and i didn't expect this is coming:
21.f10 22.g9 23.l9 24.g19 25.d19 26.m8 27.m7 28.f15 29.j17 30.k19 31.h18 32.h17 33.g16 34.g15 35.f14 36.f13 37.e12.

And this is, in my opinion, over for me: 24.g19 (another big fail). I played it instantly and sent before finding out this is stupid. Without that move it would be that way:
23.l9 24.f15 25.j17 26.j20 27.h18 28.f21 or 23.l9 24.f15 25.j17 26.j20 27.h18 28.f21 29.e22 30.g19 - David, it is not the same situation.

So 24.g19 was suicide and David took advantage.

Honestly i was blind and didn's see the 35.l14 peg. I thought David is gonna play 35.k15 36.m14 37.i17 38.j15 39.k16 40.l14 41.j14 which still is win for white.

Conclusion: I need to me much more careful when i play against David.
Well done!

On 2014-08-28 at 17:44, twixter (info) said:
Wow, you're right, 24.F15 was winning for you. But maybe I can still save this variation if I retreat all the way to move 11.
|11.i17 and now
__ 12.k17 13.g18 14.i16 15.g14 16.e18 17.e17 or
__ 12.j16 13.j15 14.h20 15.k17 or
____ 14.k14 15.g18 16.i15 17.g14 or
__ 12.h16 13.k16 or
__ 12.i22 13.h19 14.g21 15.j20 16.l21 17.m21
Could it really be that simple? I must have missed something.

On 2014-08-28 at 17:48, nie_wiesz (info) said:
11.i17 12.h16 13.k16 14.k19 and?

On 2014-08-28 at 18:22, nie_wiesz (info) said:
ohh, 11.i17 12.h16 13.k16 14.k19 15.m17 my bad...;-) it seems you had a win there ;-)

On 2014-09-25 at 09:19, spd_iv (info) said:
what if?

|24.h16 25.f15 26.i14 27.f13 28.f21 29.h20 30.g19 31.j19 32.k13

On 2014-09-25 at 18:55, Mirko Rahn (info) said:
24.h16 25.k15

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