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On 2013-12-10 at 01:40, Mirko Rahn (info) said:
Are there good moves for White after 8.p8?

9.n8 10.o10 11.m10 12.k12 and 9.n8 10.o10 11.m9 12.m7 13.p7 14.n12 look good for Black. What about 9.n8 10.o10 11.o9 12.n17?

What to play instead of 7.r11? 7.s11? 7.r10?

On 2013-12-10 at 12:42, spd_iv (info) said:
i think your 7.r11 was good, but i dont understand 21.r17.


.. 22.s18 23.o18 24.q15 25.r15
.. |21.t16 22.q18 23.s18
.. 21.t16 22.s18 23.o18 24.p15 25.o14 or i missed something?

On 2013-12-10 at 12:43, Florian Jamain (info) said:
I believe something like :

|21.n17 22.q15 23.r17 24.s18 25.f14

sould be winning for white.

On 2013-12-10 at 12:52, Florian Jamain (info) said:
Spd's variation is really more direct :P

I just played this kind of move against David J Bush a few days ago, shame on me (-;

On 2013-12-10 at 20:34, Mirko Rahn (info) said:
I thought about 21. t16 and refused it because I was in fear of 22.q17 23.r17 24.s18 which is nonsense, since it could be simply something like 21.t16 22.q17 23.s18...

Now I feal better :\

On 2014-01-05 at 19:47, khorlo (info) said:
Well, then my 18.m15 is not strong enough. Something like 18.n17 or 18.m18 or even 18.m19 will easily do the job but opens new possibilities on the left. So, the question remains whether Florian's suggestion is really winning for white 18.n17 19.f14. Similar situation was 31.e13 and seemed not to be sufficient to cover both the lower left and the upper left corners (or make the connection to n11).

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