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White: Maciej Celuch    Black: spd_iv (LG) | This game (LG) | Download JTwixt file
On 2013-12-10 at 18:54, spd_iv (info) said:
the very first move was not usual and i decided to face it. First problem to me was |5.14, after that i thought that i will win easly or lose easly (the game will be quick). Now i know that i should try to play something like 6.k6 or 6.o6, my mistake was that i was pretty sure that my |8.j17 will ensure good connection with left side and with my 2 pegs o11 and o15 (with playing n17 in near future) i totally forgot about 9.i15. After that i realised that my 6.o11 was big mistake. i was thinking about 10.i12 or 10.i13 but it was already over. my last hope was that maciek will play 21.m19 but of course he didnt :)

Maciek told me that he was afraid of 8.j14. maybe it might have worked. i think another good option might have been 8.j12 but in both samples i cant find a way to win for black.

Now i know how to think playing with maciek. Firstly you musnt be afraid of him, he is just a man (maybe very smart but only man). Secondly you have to predict his tactic in yours game or try to predict (i know it could be hard, but he also makes mistakes:) ) he is trying to make you confused (like me in this game). you have to play against him unpredictable just like he plays. i know he is very good analyzer and this is why i played |6.o11 i was afraid of giving him too much space in top-right corner but now i know that it could have been my only chance to let him make a mistake :)

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